• Tasting at LXV Wine Lounge with Spice Pairings

    For 2 to 30 people

    45 min

    $15.00 per person

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    You are in vited to lounge on our lavish Indian day beds with blue walls to gaze at and plush pillows to sink into, as you are surrounded by the arts of KamaSutra. Our tasting room was named top 25 Wine Experiences in California.

    Wine & Spice:

    Wine is living, with infinite aromas and flavors, few of which dominate the wine, based on the terroir, the varietal, the winemaking and your personal experience.
    When paired with the right bite, that mirrors, complements, or, sometime, contrasts the flavors, the experience of the tasting heightens as the wine unravels the deeper, softer layers.
    We pair our wines with sheep's milk cheese (for low-acidity), dusted with spice blends. The cheese combines with the tannins in the wine and softens them (the same reason why you add milk to tea). And the spices heighten the underlying flavor profiles of the wines (as they do in food).

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