• Beyond the Blocks

    For 1 to 12 people

    2 hr

    $75.00 per person

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    The Ultimate Bethel Heights Terroir Tasting

    What are designated vineyard blocks but arbitrary lines in the sand, drawn for the convenience of tractors? What happens when the lines begin to blur, when other more ancient realities being to assert themselves - layers of geologic and organic evolution, patterns of wind and sun, all running crosswise and sideways to your neat grid of lines and squares?

    When the vines finally discover those underlying realities, and bring them forth into wine, then it's time to go beyond the blocks and put something new in the bottle.


    Experience these exceptional wines in a private tasting in our Library with complimentary small bites.

    Reservations required with 48 hour notice given. Open to groups up to 12.

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