• A Taste For Cabernet

    For 1 to 12 people

    1 hr 15 min

    $50.00 per person

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    "A Taste for Cabernet” is a semi-private experience that uses Sequoia Grove’s vineyard-designated Cabernet program to illustrate how what’s in the vineyard gets into the glass. Cabernet is meant to be enjoyed with food, it’s time to demystify the rules of food & wine pairing—because while some of the popular pairing rules work, others are best broken. Instead of matching food and wine by weight or color, we offer a different approach to optimize your enjoyment of Cabernet. This will change your thinking on how to pair Cabernet Sauvignon with food.

    Our "A Taste For Cabernet" experience was recognized as one of "4 of Napa's Best Food & Wine Pairing Experiences" by WHERE magazine and is hosted by Dean Busquaert, the 2016 Concierge Alliance of Napa Valley and Sonoma Grand Award winner for hospitality. Book today -- you'll be glad you did!

  • Cabernet Culinary Challenge

    For 8 to 12 people

    2 hr 15 min

    $100.00 per person

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    If we learn best by doing, and wine and food are some of life’s great pleasures, why should learning
    about pairing food and wine be restricted to sitting through lectures or carefully curated and
    guided lessons? We’ve flipped the typical wine & food pairing lesson into a hands-on, creative, competitive,
    fun—and yes, educational—group activity. With this two-hour experience, we lay the
    groundwork, then challenge participants to test and apply what they’ve learned through a
    team-based competition.

    Guests first taste through a selection of our vineyard-designated Cabernets. Then senior wine
    educator Dean Busquaert demonstrates the principles food & wine pairing by having the group
    try these Cabernets with ingredients that represent the elements of taste that affect wine flavor.
    Then the training wheels come off. The group is divided into teams of 3-4 people, and each team
    receives a basket of plain crostini and a platter with a selection of 20+ food items (meats, cheeses,
    fruits, sauces, etc.) Their goal is to create the best Cabernet-complementing topping for their
    crostini using these items.

    This is where it gets fun, because while many of the items pair well with Cabernet, we’ve thrown
    in some ringers to test participants’ new knowledge of what complements a wine or detracts from
    it. So lots of trial and error are the only ways to come up with a winner in this (usually) friendly
    competition. Teams have 30 minutes to create different combinations and try them with the wine, then finally
    top the crostini with their favorite choices. Guests enjoy a light meal while their submissions are
    judged by a panel.

    The winning combination is selected based on creativity, flavor and most importantly, if the
    combination maintains or improves the taste of the Cabernet when eaten with it.
    Winning team members take home prizes and bragging rights for the day—but everyone leaves
    with a great story from their wine country visit and the knowledge of how to maximize their
    enjoyment of wine with food when they return home.

    Minimum number of guests is 8 and maximum is 12, for larger groups please contact for availability.

    For more information contact: Dean Busquaert 707-494-0905 or dbusquaert@sequoiagrove.com

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