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Fat Grape Winery

San Francisco / United States


We are a new small winery located on Treasure Island in San Francisco, focused on producing hand-made, high quality red wines from locally grown California grapes. Our goal is to make great wine that tastes, smells and truly is all natural, without adding toxic preservatives that other wineries rely on.

Over time, we have developed a special winemaking process that allows us to forgo use of sulfites which are typical in nearly all wines found today. The only sulfites which are in our wines come naturally off the vine and from the fermentation process. Our process produces wines that contain from 0ppm to a maximum of 10ppm of sulfites.

Our Winery is located on Treasure Island in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Treasure Island provides the perfect winemaking environment – cool air from the surrounding bay waters lends itself to naturally keeping wine near it’s optimal storage temperature.

We founded the winery in 2008 with 9 varietals, and have now expanded to 13 varietals. Our 2009 wines are also well on their way and are available for barrel tasting.

Patrick Bowen has been a home winemaker since 1998. He’s produced small quantity, high quality red wines from grapes grown from all over Northern California. Many of his wines have won numerous awards at harvest fairs, festivals and other competitions.

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