Chef Abby's Table - Cheese + Wine

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Sun, May 6, 1-2pm - 7 Degrees of Ripeness - $25/person

Discover the magic of wines and cheese, thoughtfully paired by Brooks executive chef, Abby McManigle. She will be your guide as you explore 4 wines and a selection of cheeses. Each month's pairing is different and is created with regional or type themes in mind.

For May, discover the 7 Degrees of Ripeness: Learn that every real cheese is in a constant state of ripeness. Taste and see how different cheeses continue to ripen and evolve due to the effects of many different bacteria and enzymes. Starting with young to peak to over the hill.

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Our approach to winemaking is simple. We seek natural balance in the vineyard and cellar, to show the true expression of terrior in our wines. We are passionate about organic and biodynamic farming; as we believe it not only creates better wines, but these important practices help keep our earth alive and ecosystem intact. While we respect the individuality of each vineyard and its sense of place, we maintain the philosophy that the greatest depth, flavors and balance in a wine are achieved by blending.

Our focus is to produce beautiful Riesling and Pinot Noir, both of which are perfectly suited to grow in the cool Willamette Valley climate. Most of all... we hope you enjoy our wines with good friends, family, and wonderful cuisine!

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Brooks Wine
21101 SE Cherry Blossom Lane,
Amity, Oregon
97101, United States
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