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One Acre Wines

Yountville / United States


Vine, Wine & Dine - This unique Napa Valley excursion starts in one of David Becker's One Acre vineyards. He guides you through the daily needs and workings of a vineyard to producing world class grapes( VINE). Depending on the season you’ll help Dave with pruning, thinning leaves or dropping fruit in one of his cabernet or zinfandel vineyards. You’ll learn so many details about Dave's start in making wine, what happens after the grapes are picked, what happens when the wine gets into the barrel for aging and finally what happens when it gets into the bottle (WINE ). Then it is off to Hurley's Restaurant in beautiful Yountville, the heart of the Napa Valley. Here you will get the amazing opportunity to sit with Chef Bob Hurley as he talks about when preparing his food to go along with the wines of the Napa Valley. Bob and David will chat about food and wine and the marriage between them as you enjoy a component tasting where Bob prepares food that works perfectly with David's wines AND food that does not work with the wines. Answering questions along the way you get an inside look at what it takes, and makes, these two so successful in wine and food in the Napa Valley. Directly after the component tasting enjoy a two course, One Acre wines paired lunch by Chef Bob Hurley as you relax and soak up this amazing experience ( DINE ).