About Us

VinoVisit combines the convenience of an online reservations tool for visitors with the benefits of an automated reservation system for winery tasting rooms.

VinoVisit.com makes it fast, fun and easy for wine country visitors to book real-time online reservations with their favorite wineries free of any service fees or charges. Not only can you book a single tasting or event but you can also create a full itinerary for your next wine country adventure.

Originally founded in 2009, our goal is to connect wine country visitors and wine drinkers with the tastings, tours, and experiences offered by the variety of wineries and wine industry events available around the world.

Located in the heart of the world renowned wine region “The Napa Valley”, the company has centuries of combined wine industry experience in its business customers and staff. What better place to learn visitor trends and wine industry needs than here!

Jeff McNamara, Client Services Manager

Growing up in Napa, Jeff had a natural affinity for wine and wine culture, and therefore pursued a career in the wine industry. Starting out in winery direct to consumer sales, he soon took a job with a local winery software company. His roles throughout the years have included sales, account management, technical support management, and product analysis. Jeff joined VinoVisit in February of 2015 to lead the Client Services Department and assist with product development.